Rabu, 17 September 2008

motivation breakdown

This is a common sense as a human like myself.Every time I feel down, discouraged, a goal does not get accomplished, problems and obstacles appearing out of nowhere, motivation is down, no inspiration, then the world is coming down on me....

I take few peaceful minutes with no computer. I pick up my guitar and play my favorites song
but sometimes i pick up the magazine and literally isolate myself from this world.
Imagine my soul to the tropical beauty shown in the pictures and I visualize myself living there and not just vacationing.

How many times have you felt down and depressed because of one reason or another?
How many times have you felt that you needed to recharge your power ?
How many times have you lost your inspiration and motivation?
What did you do once you find your biometric level in low ?
How many times have you faced problems and obstacles that discouraged you from persisting with your goal?
What brought you up and what pulled you down during these crucial times?
We live in a material world and we have to operate in a material world.
We want material things because they are a representation of who we are.
What you want is good, because what you want is an extension of you becoming better.
And sometimes, you just need a basic material something to spark you into a higher level of achievement.
Seems I talk to much...

Sometime just listening your favorites music can light up your mood.

focus on project group

Am i habits the kinds of habits that the person i am going to be in two years would have?
Are your friends or collegue, or whatever you call the people you hang out with the types of people ,then i am going to be in five years will want to know and be with?
Sometimes there's a question in my mind Where do i want to be in a year? In five years? In ten years? and so on

Is what i am doing now -- the way we are living,friends,habits and focus.Are all of these things moving me in the direction of my goals? How does it look? so What about the things my mind gets hung up on? Yes the answer is focus. Do you even know what focus is?

If you and I were sitting together right now What would your answer be if I asked you where you are going? What are you focused on accomplishing or achieving?
You are certainly focused on something. Either consciously or your subconscious has chose something for you. Which is it in your case?

Did you choose or has the world chosen for you? Have you taken 10 minutes and made a conscious decision about what the definition of your life is going to be? That is really all it would take. In reality, even less than that. Think about it. Have you ever been so fed up with something that at one point you just decide it, no more. I’ve had it! How long did it take you to come to that decision? The real truth is you did it in an instant. It may have taken you years to get to the point where you decided to decide but, the decision itself was made in an instant.
You have that same force, power and ability to get yourself moving in the direction of your choosing at any given moment if you would but decide to do so.

Do not be one who gets ten years further down the road and be left thinking, wondering, wishing you had decided to do something. Do it now and Decide.this is A special note to my friends.I appreciate you all. Thanks for putting up with me. If you are not in this group what are you waiting for? Join in and Participate. We need you. What you are holding back could be the one piece of information that we are all needing.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday..until the end of lifetime.

Kamis, 28 Agustus 2008

Raining Day

Today is raining day after dry for a long time.
Where's my coffee anyway?

Just add some post into SEO and Make a blog for the next 2 months.

Total posting 70 posting still left 930 posting :-(